Greeting Crisp Fall Weather with Shows Celebrating Warmth, Light and Color

New exhibitions at Parsonage Gallery by Bernd Haussmann, Josh Ferry


    SEARSPORT — The Parsonage Gallery welcomes the cool weather and shorter days of autumn with two exhibitions celebrating warmth, 光, and color: Cross Paintings by Joshua Ferry and Dark Night Dark Light by Bernd Haussmann. 展览将于10月9日星期六开幕. 28,下午6点.m.,将持续到11月27日.

    在楼下, South Portland artist Joshua Ferry greets visitors with vibrant abstract paintings composed of crosses rendered in burnished acrylic or pastels. The works are inspired by the variously colored altar cloths and vestments that accompanied the changing liturgical seasons in the church of his father, 圣公会牧师.

    “Although these paintings aren’t intended to be religious,费里说, 在牧师画廊的新闻发布会上.

    According to the artist, he leaves the door open to spiritual connotations.

    在楼上的画廊里, German-American artist Bernd Haussmann creates an installation evoking the age-old experience of gathering around a fire and telling stories as winter approaches. The smell of freshly charred logs infuse the exhibition with an earthy, 原始大气, 根据牧师的说法. 在展览会开幕式上, visitors are invited to view Haussmann’s paintings by candle光, observing the play of 光 flickering across reflective surfaces. 在诗意的即兴创作中, the artist writes: “‘Dark and Light’ depend on each other…There is darkness from which night and 光 emerge.”

    10月28日开幕, Blue Hill interdisciplinary artist 希瑟·里昂 will also play with the theme of 光 shining amidst the darkness. On the gallery’s exterior wall she will project the video work 茜草属, 2023. 茜草属 was filmed on the rocky shore at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle while Lyon was attending their artist residency in 2022.


    The Parsonage Gallery exhibits dynamic work by a diverse slate of contemporary artists, with a special emphasis on issues of ecology and spirituality.  它是由博士共同创立和指导. 亚伦·罗森博士. Carolyn Rosen and is a program of the not-for-profit Common Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3).  每天上午11点至下午6点开放.